Science versus Sorcery for the FATE of the world!

I have done some starter work on the WIKI. I will be doing more work on it over the next week or so, and all of you are invited to help! I have created stubs for all of the locations and organizations we came up with. Feel free to add to existing entries or create new ones. We need faces for most of these, the HQ for several of the Science Corps still needs to be updated, and almost nothing has its Aspect yet.

Also, I realized one thing that is bothering me about our setting creation, which is we didn’t tie the character to it that tightly. Each of you has a past connection to one of the Science Corps (which is GREAT!) but are not as tightly connected as if we had done a Dresdenville style creation. Since you are all linked to each other and at least one location/organization all we really need are NPC connections. So as we create NPCs please try to come up with at least once connection between your PC and one of the NPCs (one you created or one that was already there). If you don’t see any NPC you want to link to yet have no fear, just make a new one or wait for all the organization faces to get filled out.

Fate of the Arcano-Science War

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