The Council

The Council are the leaders of B.E.A.C.O.N. and are chosen to lead based on their superior scientific prowess and all of them have served in the field in the Science Corps Wars, and now the war against Thresh. This fact gives B.E.A.C.O.N. an institutional passion for science that exceeds that of even the other Science Corps. There is not a set number of members of the Council, as only the most respected scientists can join its ranks. There are currently three members of the Council.

Professor Blaze
Father of Blazoligy
Professor Blaze is the creator of the super element Blazonium and is the self professed creator of a branch of science he calls Blazoligy which uses the super element to study the properties and uses of fire in all its forms. The most enthusiastic member of the Council, Professor Blaze loves field work and used to take his lab assistant into the field as Blaze Girl.

Nicola Tesla VII
The Wizard of Science
Before Nicola Tesla died he cloned himself and transferred his consciousness into the new body. The process was not perfect, much of his knowledge was lost and his personality was somewhat different, but it was close. Due to the changes the clone declared himself the son of Nicola Tesla and took the name Nicola Tesla Jr. As each clone died a new one, backed up from the previous clone on a regular basis, was created. The current Nicola Tesla is newly activated as Nicola Tesla VI died in action against the Thresh.

Doctor Ion
Pure Power is Pure Science
The newest member of the Council is notable for both his mastery of energy technology and his hatred for magic. Doctor Ion saw little action in the Science Corps Wars but distinguished himself in battle against the Thresh which, combined with his papers on High Energy Low Duration Uranium Depletion Events (or HEY DUDEs) earned him his seat on the Council.

The Council

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