The Thresh Empire

The Thresh Empire contains all of Asia, India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Ruled from Threshold by Emperor Thresh this kingdom is powered by sorcery and fueled by a desire to rule this world as surely as it rules its own. The Empire is has a caste system featuring Noble, Sorcerer, Merchant, Builder, and Slave castes.

Most members of the ruling Nobility in the Thresh Empire are from Earth-M (the magically powered world Thresh hails from), though there are some turn coats who were rewarded for betraying the old world with choice roles in the new one.

The Sorcerer caste is one of the most diverse in the Empire as anyone with enough magical power is automatically granted entry, though most Noble mages retain their membership in that higher cast and indeed are usually the most powerful of the nobles. It is also the only cast where one’s children do not gain automatic entry into the same caste as their mother.

The Merchant caste is for those rich enough to be above the Builders, but not powerful enough to be Nobles.

The Builders are overworked, underpaid, and barely respected laborers and shopkeepers, but at least they are above the slaves.

The Slaves have no power in the caste system, but many of them are very powerful indeed. Most supernatural creatures (though not all), and all members of the armies, are part of this caste. While those Slaves who have supernatural power or army membership are given at least a modicum of respect (or at least fear) all other slaves are treated as a slave usually is.

Most of the slaves currently on Earth-S (our own more Scientifically inclined world) were captured here in the Thresh invasion, while most though certainly not all members of the higher caste are originally from Earth-M.

The Thresh Empire

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